Metallurgical Parameters


1 : 6 minimum in As Rolled Sections
1 : 4 minimum in As Forged Sections

As per DIN/IS/BS/ASTM/JIS specification or as specified by customer.

As specified in the standard.

As per Requirement ( Not Exceeding 7 m)

Maximum 1% of section dimension or 0.5mm,whichever is less.

As per IS 6396 or JIS G 0558

C2 R1 S1

Normal Steel (Sulphur <=0.035%)
            A          B         C          D
THIN    2. 0       1.0      0.5        1.0
THICK  1. 0       1.0      0.5        1.0

Austenite grain size ≥ GC 5.0 in Al killed steel

As required

IS 3739:GRADE I or as specified by customer or mutually agreed upon at the time of order

3mm/Mtr Max.- in hot rolled bars

Oxygen = 20 ppm max.
Nitrogen = 70-100 ppm max.
Hydrogen= 2.0 ppm max.
*Oxygen can be achieved up to 12ppm
*Nitrogen can be achieved up to 230ppm

Free from internal defects