The company as part of its CSR efforts is continuously working towards contributing to the environment. Earnest efforts are made to manage our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, by protecting the environment through minimization of waste and conservation of resources and energy. To make a difference, Modern Steels has also adopted rain harvesting and a green belt around the facility has been added. The company also regularly monitors environmental exposures such as air and water pollution and compliance with environmental regulations.

Committed to the Eco-friendly Environment


Steel melting facilities at Modern Steels is through electric arc furnace Route, which is much eco-friendly as compared to Blast Furnace Route.

The Company is contributing towards greener environment by recycling the metal scrap Recycling of ELV (End of Life Vehicle) to Special Alloy Steels.

Developing the recycling loops right from its own forward processes i.e. Forging & Machining Facilities and from its supply chain tie-up with Assembly Lines at Partners facilities and its prestigious OEM customer to recycle their scrap generation into finished Steel.

Apart of being Eco-friendly, this process helps in preserving the precious natural resources for Generation Next.